Saturday, August 9, 2014

Why Should I Shred My Personal Documents?

Check stubs, bank statements, account numbers, and actually any documents with personal information such as social security numbers on them.  

What do these have in common? Every one of them could be used by identity thieves and should be disposed of by shredding. 

The amount of information obtained and damage done by someone only having your name, address, date of birth, and phone number is astonishing. Add your social security number, bank account number and your mother’s maiden name to the mix and you have a veritable recipe for disaster.
Identity theft is unfortunately a growing concern and, if personal information is not destroyed properly, it’s fairly easy. Think it won’t happen to you? According to approximately 15 million US residents are victims of identity theft on some level each year. That breaks down to about 7% of American adults who have had to deal with the detrimental and long-lasting effects of having personal information leak out.

An estimated $100 billion a year is lost to information thieves and there is no law against dumpster diving!

Identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in the country. Most identity theft is done through simple means of collecting papers thrown in the trash. Simple strip shredders do not prevent criminals from obtaining the information they need to steal your identity. Integra uses a pierce and tear shredder and provides the utmost security for your protection. Once your documents are shredded and mixed with thousands of other shredded documents, the chances of identity thieves finding their "needle in a haystack" are diminished to almost none.For more information on Integra services visit

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