Saturday, August 9, 2014

What Type Of Shredder Is The Safest Against Identity Theft?

With Identity Theft affecting almost 10% of American adults each year, most people agree that destroying personal documents is the very best protection we can give ourselves. But what destruction method is best?

It used to be enough to simply tear something into several, or even several dozen, pieces. Identity thieves are tenacious enough now to take those pieces and put them back together like a puzzle and use the information to start up accounts, order items, or even get credit cards.

Shredding important documents at home gives a little more security, but maybe a false level of security. Imagine being paid to put together a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. The pieces of the puzzle, however, have been put into a small trash bag along with pieces of other puzzles. Would someone eventually be able to find the 100 pieces they needed?  If someone were going to make enough money off of finding each piece they needed, theywould go through all of that to put it together.

A cost-to-benefit ratio would then come into play where the benefit, or in this case payment, would have to outweigh the cost, or time and energy, to find the right pieces and put it together.

The puzzle piece scenario may sound silly but shredded documents are essentially like puzzles. Once you have every piece of the document in the right order, you are able to see the picture, or information, on it. If the information on the documents were worth enough money, it would be more than worth the time and energy.

Now picture the same amount of puzzle pieces in a dump truck or box truck along with utterly millions of other puzzle pieces of essentially the same color. This task becomes monumental and throws the cost-to-benefit ratio way out of proportion.

A shredding service will give you that amount of security. Once your documents are shredded and mixed with thousands of other shredded documents, the chances of identity thieves finding their "needle in a haystack" are diminished to almost none.  For more information on the security that Integra Document Destruction can bring you visit

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