Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Preparing Your Documents for Shredding

Most people realize that such things as binders or even binder clips can’t be left on sensitive material to be shredded. 

This holds true for personal shredders, of course, but professional shredding services as well. But are we doing too much to prepare documents for shredding with a professional shredding service.
Hours of either personal or work time are unnecessarily spent taking staples and paper clips off of paper to be shredded. Shred trucks and machines used by professional documents destruction services are very sophisticated and fully capable of handling small paper fasteners, folders and cardboard backing on pads of paper.

Cardstock and cardboard that is mixed in with paper to be shredded will get recycled along with the paper and is handled with the same recycling process that paper is put through.

Any metal from paper clips and staples will be sorted out with screens and magnets prior to the paper material being recycled.

So as you prepare sensitive documents for shredding, save yourself, or your company, some time and leave paper clips and staples in place and leave the shredding to us! 

For more information on document and hard drive destruction visit www.wasteawaygroup.com.

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