Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Integra Account Manager Honored After Shred Event

On June 17, 2017 WNDU partnered with Integra Certified Document Destruction and held a shred event to raise money for WNDU's annual Pack-A-Backpack.

The event, scheduled for 7:00am– Noon saw cars lining up as early as 6:30am until well after 12:30pm to have sensitive documents shredded and donate to such a worthy cause.
The “Pack-A-Backpack” fundraiser collects money to buy school supplies for those who may not otherwise be able to have the necessary materials to begin a new school year.

Some staggering event statistics are below:
  • 5 shred trucks, 1 rear-loader and 1 box truck were used for the event
  • 12 Integra employees
  • Dozens of volunteers
  • 1,280 total cars throughout the event
  • $16,000 raised with the total amount going to the “Pack-A-Backpack” campaign
  • 77,000 pounds of paper shredded
The only Integra shred events that even come close to this magnitude are the 2 Crime Stoppers fundraisers that Integra does each year.  After this event, Integra Account Manager, Tom Hinz, was recognized as a recipient of the 2nd Congressional District's 2017 Cardinal Community Service Award for our contributions to the WNDU Pack-a-Backpack summer Shred-a-Thon

Congratulations to WNDU, Tom and Integra and a huge “thank-you” to all of those who worked this incredibly successful event!

Pictured left to right: John O'Brien, WNDU; Dreama Jensen, Better Business Bureau; Tom Hinz, Integra Account Manager; Dave Arland, Executive Director of the Indiana Broadcasters Association. 

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