Friday, September 18, 2015

What Time Will My Shredding Service Be Here?

Service providers generally work between the respectable hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm to give those receiving service some semblance of a normal workday.

Any cable, telephone, pool, or most any other service provider accommodate schedules by not only being there to service you between respectable hours, but possibly even giving you a smaller window of time during the day that they will be to your home to provide service.

Document destruction services are no different. Reasonable windows of time are given that are based on such things as your business’s hours of operation and whether or not you close during a lunch hour.  Most shredding services can even accommodate extremely early or late service times

Some businesses are also constrained by dense traffic in their parking lots during certain hours of their day, making it more difficult for large service trucks to get in and out easily.

If you have specific restrictions or hours of access to your documents that need to be shredded, simply let your Document Destruction Account Manager know so arrangements and accommodations can be made.

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  1. This shredding service sounds great. I appreciate the fact that you guys are so accommodating and give priority to your clients’ office timings. I’m sure people will love your service.

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